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    Transformation Ministries is a ministry of Harvest of Christ Central located in north central florida. Founded 2001 as Total Man Ministries (TMM). This ministry uses proven biblical principles, along with trade skill training to assist those who desire the freedom that only comes from a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.

     Over the past ten years TMM has used the “construction” field to train men in a trade skill that would earn them a job in growing housing market. As you know that market no longer exist. During our time in the construction industry we had the need for CDL drivers, and auto mechanics, so for those that qualified we trained them while in our program.

    The decision was made in January of this year to focus primarily on a CDL driving center, and a ASE automotive repair school. The decision was also made to establish a separate non profit corporation, and separate this program from our local church.

    Transformation Ministry is what we call a stage two program. All candidates must complete a twelve month stage one program that meets our criteria. We work in conjunction with proven programs through out the America that give a solid foundation enabling a grater possibility of success. Including, Teen Challenge, New Life Dream Center, and Life Change Institute, to name a few. Each candidate is matched with the stage one program that will give them the best chance to succeed.




    Transformation Ministries started out as Total Man Ministries in 2001 when a family in our local church was in need. The husband and father of this family had been using crack cocaine for nine years. After dedicating his life to Christ and realizing the need for long term treatment a stage one program was found. While he was enrolled in the program God began to show our pastor the need to develop a stage two program.

    Jesus was moved with compassion, Matthew 15:32, “because they have been with Him three days with nothing to eat.” It’s simple, if they had not made a decision to follow Christ for three days, they wouldn’t have had a physical need. If we as the Church, are going to be successful if the ministry of restoration, not only must we teach, but we must also feed.

    So Total Man Ministries was birthed. A construction company was started to teach the different trades in the industry. Framing, concrete and masonry, tile setting, and much more. Now at the end of 2011, and moving into 2012, we are launching our CDL driving, and ASE auto repair programs. We are looking forward to many more years, serving God, and advancing His kingdom.



Transformations goal is not only to develop men of character, and integrity, but also to produce the best technicians, drivers, and welders, in the industry today. Not only do we serve the people that use our program, but we also serve the industries that we train for, whether it’s the automotive, transportation, welding, or fabrication industries.




    During the foundational stage of our church, Harvest Christian Fellowship in 1998, I was seeking the voice of the Father concerning His plan and purpose for this ministry. My personal testimony concerning drug abuse is not that impressive compared to some. In the mid 80’s like many other high school students I drank, smoked pot, and experimented with powder cocaine. But by the time I graduated from high school I had given all that up, at the time I thought I gave it up for a girl, who six months latter became my wonderful wife. But soon after that I realized it was all in the plan of God.

    In 1999 while praying on a park bench at 2 am, at a time where I felt that I was in desperate need of a word form God, the Spirit of God led me to Matthew’s gospel. There I saw the Jesus made the statement that basically said, if the multitude had not made the choice to follow Christ they would not have had a physical need. God began to show me that there was going to be people in our future that were going to make the decision to follow Christ, and because of that choice they were going to have needs that typical church ministry could not meet. So from that moment on my spirit was open to any opportunity that would bring that word into fruition.    Not long after Transformation Ministries was born.      

    As the years have rolled on we have done many  things wrong, and many right. All the while trying to hear the voice of the Lord. The need for this type of skill training ministry is undeniable, and as we look into the future, we see the need getting greater and greater.

A full board of directors writeup is coming soon.